This is a very good explanation on this hip/leg throw called Uchi Mata. This throw is mainly used as a counter if the other person has their leg wrapped or near your throwing leg.

When you get this technique down, man you can throw someone that outweighs you by 75 lbs. One of the key to the technique is being close to the other person to use leverage. So yes, even a woman can use this throwing technique effectively. I suggest you search for a local Judo school and learn this very effective self defense technique.




Krav Maga is a self defense system that has its origin from Israel. The system is a hand-to-hand combat system for the military and street fighting. This self defense system teaches some very good basics that can be applied to most self defense situation.

Krav Maga can be learned quickly by the mass. Once learned and put in the appropriate flight time, (practice time) anyone can become proficient. The Israeli approach is when you have to defend yourself, you go on the offensive quickly and decisively.
Here is a short video on Krav Maga self defense for women, enjoy!!



Pilates training is a great from of exercise to take up. It is a great way to supplement your conditioning in the martial arts. The core exercises, that is the abdomen in Pilates will take your conditioning to a new level.Training your abs is part of your body’s foundation.

That’s right its not your Heculean biceps, or Achilles calves. All self defense techniques originates from the core (abdomen). When applying that armbar on a six foot person and utilizing your whole body with the help of your abs, makes the technique more effective. Your movements will be lighting quick.

I highly recommend that you join a Pilates class. Pilates will make you strong and flexible not buffed, its not just for a woman. Anyone can benefit from Pilates, young or old.

Here are some basic core exercises for your upper and lower abdomen:

  • Upper – all of these exercises require that you lie down on the floor, preferable on a yoga type mat. knees bent curl up and hold for 1 to 2 seconds. hands at your ears, while you’re holding tighten up your tummy.
  • knees pointing outward, feet touching each other – curl up but with hands pointing towards your feet
  • lower abdomen – point your feet straight up, curl up with hands pointing towards your feet, (up)
  • feet straight up, curl up with hands paralleling the floor and moving past your hips

There are countless of exercises but these are good ones to start with.



How can you use as a self defense? First off, I’d like to say is. Learning Karate is a
great foundation to have. I know that these days the in thing is to take up some eclectic martial arts style. But, for just simplicity of self defense technique, you can’t go wrong with a strong Karate background.Many people don’t agree with this thinking. But, I’d like to debate that in a self defense situation, what shines the most is Karate. are easy to learn.It may seem robotic in some of the moves but when the pressure is on and you have to react. Karate will free your mind, and you will not be clutter with x y z techniques.Don’t be fooled by the slower method of defense. I am referring to the block and hit. I know that in other self defense and martial arts systems teaches you to intercept the attack.

In Karate the block itself is a strike and the follow up would be a punch or a kick.Even a simple escape grab starts with a strike to the arm or the face, depending on what level of force you want to take this to. Karate practitioner hone their blocking skills with a partner and for solo training they do a choreograph form of fighting which is known as katas.

Stories have been told that the late Bruce Lee practiced countless hours on katas. He refined and mastered the basics with katas and then progressed to other training methods. Here is a quick video clip of a female Karate practitioner, very kool.. enjoy!



What are some really good self defense products for women? If you’re not into carrying a handgun, then I would recommend a taser or a can of pepper spray.You don’t want to be toting around something big. It must be small enough to be carried inside a handbag or and fannie pack that goes around your waist.The ease of getting your equalizer out is very important.

You definitely don’t have the time to be fiddling with it when you need it in an emergency.Using a taser is a surefire way of stopping your assailant cold in his/her track. With a pepper spray, its not 100% that the Opscium works on the assailant. Or, it takes longer to take an effect.These 2 self defense products are probably the best to have besides a firearm. The cheaper of the 2 is obviously the pepper spray.



How do you properly headbutt? First off lets talk about how powerfull this simple self defense technique is. Using your own body weight and stepping in while headbutting a person can definitely stun or knock out someone.The headbutt is used in close quarter range. i.e. picture someone hugging you, its that close. You don’t want to be trying to headbutt someone if you’re standing from 4 feet away. When utilized a very close range, the technique is undetectable. The headbutt is a perfect weapon to use in all the grabbing scenarios. Like someone grabs at your arm to drag you to a car or trying to pull hand bag away from you. You merely step in towards your assailant and give them a nice planted headbutt to their nose.The point of impact for the headbutt is at top of your head, but near the front area. You are not trying to head butt with the top of your head.There isn’t really any type of training to develop this simple self defense technique. I guess you could headbutt a heavy bag for 10 minutes everyday. But, I think that is not a wise choice. — lol



I’ve used some really kool flashlights in the past. I’m not talking about your radio shack type. I’m talking about the small, durable, waterproof, impact resistance, and has a BRIGHT light on it.These are the type that the police and the military uses. Something like the mini mag light, but nowadays this bright burner has evolved into an awesome tool for survival. Obviously, there are many applications for the tactical flashlight. Since this post is about self defense, we’ll keep it that way.Here’s a quick video clip of how you can use a tactical flashlight to defend yourself with.

As I said this video is really short, and I only show the basic strikes with the . Using a good flashlight with a white light bulb can give you an advantage in a self defense situation. With a bright white light, you will definitely temporarily blind your assailant for about 1 to 2 seconds. That will give you that break to do other to get out of a jam.

Alright talk to u all later, if you’re from WA state, I have a couple of self defense classes coming up towards the end of May. So stay tune…..